Play in two amazing places

Have a fun day in both 
WOW PARK Billund and LEGO® House

Active quality time with your family

Buy a combi ticket and get two fantastic experiences

Combine fun family time in the great outdoors at WOW PARK Billund with creative building activities at LEGO® House when you buy a combi ticket.

Want to enjoy something cozy as well as something wild?

An active day in WOW PARK 

Go all-out with free play for the entire family in the wildest play and amusement park in the great outdoors. Run through the treetops, explore underground, and swing and race across the forest floor. Or relax in a hammock or around the campfire or on the grass with a picnic meal.  Everyone can play at their own pace. 

Want to experience a bit of everything?

Explore the treetops - made of wood or bricks!

Are you the type who enjoys a bit of everything? Then combine your visit to LEGO House with a trip to WOW PARK - Billunds new play and amusement park in the great outdoors.

Can you imagine anything more fun?

LEGO House - world's best playdate

LEGO House is the world's best play date for the entire family – adults, children at heart and actual children. Let your creative fantasies run wild among millions of LEGO bricks. You can race your own LEGO cars, design your own minifigures, create your own stop motion LEGO video, and even build a LEGO fish and bring it to life in a giant digital fish tank. Then you can enjoy a tasty family meal in the LEGO House cafe or restaurant.  

LEGO House contains 6 Experience Zones, a lovely LEGO Square, and dozens of thrilling outdoor playgrounds on top of the award-winning architecture of the house itself.  Begin your play date by climbing the Tree of Creativity, almost 16 meters high! And find yourself in the Masterpiece Gallery, among the incredible works of LEGO fans from all over the world, before diving down into the Experience Zones.

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