Precautions in WOW PARK against COVID-19

Safety is always the most important thing for both the guests and the staff of WOW PARK, which is why we have taken a number of necessary precautions to help reduce the risk of infection in the park. With joint help, we will make sure to minimize the risk of infection to the greatest extent possible, so that together we can enjoy the experiences in WOW PARK.

Please read these important cautions carefully and be aware of these important precautions.

WOW PARK Billund - Opening hours 
WOW PARK Skjern - Opening hours

There are no requirements for a corona pass or negative COVID-19 test upon arrival at WOW PARK.

Throughout the park, there are posted important signs with information from the National Board of Health and from WOW PARK.  

Official information can also be read here.

There is plenty of space in WOW PARK, so physical distancing is very possible. We have put a rope with a distance marking at the entrance to our activities.  It should help eager children and adults to avid standing in crowded lines.  If lines stat to form, we encourage you to move on to another activity and return later.

Hand-washing basins and hand-spraying stations are located throughout the park, and they are well-marked and identified.  

It is important to adhere to the rules and regulations posted at each activity, especially when gust flow is directed in a one-way direction.


We provide clear protective barriers at all points of sale in the park

Make sure you buy your tickets online to minimize the need for manual transactions and physical contact. Tickets purchased online are equipped with a QR code, which provides direct access to the park through the entrances. Annual passes also have a QR code.

Please use a payment card whenever possible.

Please keep your distance, pay attention, avoid physical contact and make room for each other - including all guests and staff. 

Health If you have symptoms for COVID-19, or you know someone close to you with symptoms, you should not visit the park.

Read here about the symptoms of COVID-19 and the general advice from the authorities in the area.

We believe that the capacity of WOW PARK is appropriate in relation to the number of guests who wish to visit us. If the situation changes, we will of course take the necessary measures to limit the number of visitors.

WOW PARK Hovedkontor: Havremarken 15, 7190 Billund 
CVR: 40777628
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