Fun day with colleagues

Team building

We offer various types of team building activities for groups. Have lots of fun and laughter while completing tasks together and strengthening your team spirit.

Minimum 10 persons.

Price per person: DKK 399 + VAT

Call WOW PARK on 333 22 000 or mail to [email protected] for further information.

Company event with fun activities in the forest in Skjern and Billund

BOW Battle

Fun battle game with bow and arrow.

In Bow Battle, the aim is to shoot opponents with bows and arrows until they have no more players left on the field. The game is played with high intensity, as players aim to avoid being shot while also trying to shoot their opponents. The game takes place on a field, and each participant is equipped with a bow and arrows with rubber tips. To win the game, it is crucial for teams to develop a strategy for the battle and to avoid losing too many players themselves.

Duration: 1-2 hours.

Team building for groups and companies

CONNECT Team building

Get to know each other.

The prerequisite for making a collaboration successful is that the team has a good understanding of each other. It is therefore crucial to get to know each other better in situations where personal characteristics are highlighted.

Connect Teambuilding is an activity where we test participants' ability to work together through a series of tasks that require both individual and team skills. All tasks are based on a common challenge, where the team's success depends on how well they plan and utilize each other's competencies. The content focuses on construction tasks, communication, and coordination exercises. The result is converted into points based on a set of agreed criteria.

Duration: 1-2 hours.

Play and game for companies in WOW PARK

PLAY & Game

Free play and facilitated competitions in the wildest forest.

Free play and facilitated competitions in the wildest forest.

Since 2013, WOW PARK has delighted both large and small groups with great success. Your team will be divided into competitive teams and exposed to a range of fun physical challenges and competitions. You will explore the park and experience the Forest Labyrinth, Balance Courses, Tarzan Swings, Underground Caves, Reaction Games, and much more. All activities are tailored to your physical abilities, so no one is put on the spot. The activities will trigger lots of laughter among each other and with each other. Duration: Approximately 1.5 hours.

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