Your safety is the most important thing 

Get ready for climbing and crawling

The most important rules and tips

Always supervise the children

The adults are fully responsible for the children's activities in the park. The children must be under the supervision of an appropriate number of adults who ensure that all safety rules are followed - these are displayed at the park's activities.


Start slowly

Start slowly so that you can get to know the activities together. Choose activities that are suitable for your physical condition, health, age, and daring. Show consideration and take care of each other.


Accompany the youngest ones at height

There are plenty of fun activities for the youngest children at their height and at ground level in the forest. If the youngest children want to try activities at height, an adult MUST accompany them.


Age limit for children

Children under 16 years old are not allowed to enter the park without the company of an adult.


Wait for each other

The park is large and filled with numerous activities in the forest. To avoid getting separated, it is important that you stick together and wait for each other.


Agree on a meeting point

The park is divided into 6 zones, each with its own color. In each zone, there is a camp that you can agree upon as a meeting point. Some can settle there while the rest of the family explores the activities in the zone.


Wear practical clothing

Playing in the forest can get your knees dirty, and there may be resin on trees and planks. Therefore, we recommend practical clothing that can withstand a little roughness, and a pair of dry socks in your bag. Long pants and good shoes are the best choice when playing in the rope nets.


Safety first

Like any world class amusement park, WOW PARK prioritizes safety.  Saftey and security are in fact WOW PARK's biggest concerns.

The Technology Institute performs a full inspection of WOW PARK facilities every year.  We also perform regular inspections of our own equipment 4 times a week.

Health and safety information is posted in the park

Official information is posted by the park entrance for everyone to read. 

Ask a Park Guide

Hepful information about specific activities is posted around the park, but if you have additional questions, please ask one of our many Park Guides.  

Note: In the event of thunderstorms or strong winds (60+ km/h or 17+m/s) the safety situation is assessed. As a consequence of unsettled weather, the park and/or selected activities may be temporarily closed.

You are aways welome to inquire with Park Guides regarding any additional safety and security concerns.  Or if you have a question prior to your visit, please contact us at [email protected] 

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