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Go wild in the treetops

Treetop houses, giant slides, and suspension bridges 14 meters high!

Run among treetop houses on fun hanging bridges, and slide down chutes to the forest floor. Splash in the water, explore underground hideouts and bounce on giant nets high in the branches.

Jump, crawl and swing

Giga-nets in the trees, wild Tarzan swings, and thrilling ziplines

Race down slides ziplines at full speed or challenge each other to a wild contest on the Tarzan swings. Jump and play among big bouncy balls in one of our treetop nets up to 300 sq. meters in size.  


Exlore caves and a giant maze

Underground hideouts and a fun forest maze

In WOW PARK's underground universe, you can crawl on all fours and explore secret hideouts. In the forest maze, you can chase your friends and family around the fun pathways, working your way through the big wooden labrynth.


Unleash your creativity

Creative craft workshop full of fun materials 

Build and create whatever you wish, including mini creatures and characters, using any of our helpful tools and our mix of fun supplies.

Challenge each other in the game zone

Balance beams, football billiards and lots of fun competitions 

Play game after game in one of the park's many contest areas, or make up your own fun compeition. And don't forget to jump on the wacky water pillow!

Lovely, cozy place. Our kids loved the trampolines hanging in the trees. 

Laila Risom

Easygoing play areas

The little playground and the friendly goats

Swing by our gregarious goats and say hello to old Villy, cheeky Frida and little Mads.  They are very tame and they love to eat grass right from your hand. In this area, you can also rest on a picnic blanket while the little ones enjoy the playground.


Facilitated workshops and adventure programs

Insect safari, forst parkour, and outdoor cooking with popcorn, hot dogs, and twisty bread

Sign up for one of our special programs hosted by a Park Guide who can lead you through a hands-on biology class, a challenging parkour experience or a yummy lesson in campfire cooking. 

Hanging out and kicking back

Hammocks, campfires and refreshments 

When you need a break or just want to chill out, hop in a hammock and stretch out your legs.  Enjoy a cozy campfire, a coffee or an ice cream.  You can even roast popcorn, marshmallows or twisty bread here with your family and friends.

Food and drinks

Ice cream bar, forest shelter, grill and campfire 

When you're hungy, or just feeling peckish, swing by our fun, kid-friendy food court for a meal with family and friends.  You are also welcome to enjoy a picnic from home or grill your own food in the shelter and campfire area.  

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