Partners in WOW PARK

We have many strong partners - are you the next one? 

We love cooperation

In WOW PARK, we have many good partners. The most important partner, of course, is the inner child inside every park guest.

Since its launch in June 2013 in Skjern, WOW PARK has established many fun, creative, large and small collaborative agreements that bring meaningful value to both parties.

If you have an idea for a kind of collaboration, please feel free to contact us... [email protected]

We have many differet types of partnerships

  • check Large businesses, where we offer discounts to employees
  • check Agreements with realtors who share park benefits with their clients and guests (summer cottages, mainly)
  • check Cooperation with travel agencies and tour guides
  • check Agreements with hotels

WOW PARK Hovedkontor: Havremarken 15, 7190 Billund 
CVR: 40777628
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