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WOW PARK's terms and conditions

Thank you for your interest in being contacted by WOW PARK.

By requesting that you be contacted, you agree to these terms and conditions for our processing of your personal data.

By signing up, you agree to be contacted by us

WOW PARK Billund ApS
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Please contact us wth any questions.

Personal information

When you fill out our contact form and ask to be contacted, you provide your name, your email, your telephone number, and any message you wish to provide for us.

First and foremost, we use this information to be able to write to you or call you exactly as you asked us to. But we also use the information to give us an idea of who we are calling in advance so that we can provide you with the best possible service when we contact you.

The legal basis for our collection / storage / processing of personal data is Article 6 (2) of the Personal Data Regulation. 1, point b and point f.


Period of storage

The personal data is kept for the duration of the purpose of the collection period and is thus continuously deleted or anonymized as the purpose for which it was collected is completed. The period therefore depends on the nature of the information and the purpose for the storage.



This regards data about your use of the website, what ads you receive and access, geographic location, gender, and age segment, etc. disclosed to third parties (to the extent that this information is known.) You can see which third parties are involved in WOW PARKs Cookie policy.  The information is used to target advertising.
In addition, we use a number of external third parties/collaborators when we ask these partners to process the information on our behalf. These companies are data processors and process data only according to our instructions. Data Processors may not use the information for any purpose other than fulfillment of the agreement with us and is subject to confidentiality. We have therefore entered into written agreements with all data processors who process personal data on our behalf.
Disclosure of personal information such as name and email etc. will only happen if you consent to it. We only use data processors in the EU or in countries that can provide your information with adequate protection.


Your rights

You have a number of rights with the Data Protection Regulation in relation to our processing of information about you, which you can see below. If you would like to exercise your rights, please contact us.

  • You have the right to gain insight into the information we process about you and for what purpose.
  • You have the right to correct any incorrect information we have about you.
  • You have the right to withdraw your consent and have your information deleted from us and our data processor.
  • In some cases, you have the right to restrict our processing of information about you so that the information may not be subject to processing other than storage.
  • In some cases, you have the right to object to our lawful processing of your personal data, and you may also object to the processing of your information for marketing purposes.
  • You have the right to complain to the Data Inspectorate about our processing of personal data.



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