For all kids, ages 2-102

Activities during Great Prayer Day

Familietur til WOW PARK i bededagsferien

Fun family adventure for Great Prayer Day 2023

Enjoy this special Friday holiday in the great outdoors. If you're looking for family activities for both children and adults during Great Prayer Day, then WOW PARK is the place to be. Your friends and family will enjoy physical play, fantasy adventure and cozy times around the campfire. There are also plenty of opportunities to observe your own family traditions in the park - a big meal, a fun game, enjoying the spring season outside, etc.  

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Children's activities during Great Prayer Day

WOW PARK is a play and amuseument park in Jutland that can't be found anywhere else. It's an easy day trip from anywhere in mid or south Jutland.  You're sure to enjoy tons of fun challenges and unique experiences for all ages.  

Enjoy an active day outdoors with friends and family, playing among the treetops, running along the forest floor, and even exploring underground. Pet our friendly goats, play on the giant swings and hang out around the campfire and grill.  Dogs are also welcome in WOW PARK.

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Good reasons to visit WOW PARK on Great Prayer Day

check  Creative activities for everyone

check  Enjoy a fun day in the great outdoors 

check  Test your climbing skills in the wilds of west Jutland

check  Try new challenges and adventures

check  Be together with friends and family

check  Relax together in the picnic area or play in the treetops, on the slides, in the maze, or on the giant water pillow.

Fantastic fun park in the top of trees. This is for everyone big and small, young and old wanting to be active and have fun. All activities are built in such a way that you can play safely in the park and only concentrate on having fun.

Katja Damkjær Spliid


Activities for everyone

Climb up, slide down and swing around 

Challenge yourself in the great outdoors by running through the treetops across suspension bridges hanging up to 14 meters high, swinging on giant Tarzan ropes, and even exploring secret hideouts underground.    

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Visitor guide 

Check our visitor guide for tips on how to enjoy a perfect day at WOW PARK.

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WOW PARK Billund
Havremarken 15, 7190 Billund

See directions and free parking information

Løvstrupvej 1, 6900 Skjern

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Open hours and events

WOW PARK Billund
Monday - Sunday 10.00 - 17.00

See open hours and event calendar

Monday - Sunday 10.00 - 17.00

See open hours and event calendar


Ticket prices

WOW PARK Billund
Day ticket: from 249 DKK 

Day ticket: from 229 DKK 

Annual passes (with access to both parks): 479 DKK


Bring the whole gang

Visit with your friends, family, teammates or co-workers  

Large groups (20+) 
Company events 
School group visits

Jutand Experiences on Great Prayer Day 

Enjoy an awesome family adventure day where mom, dad, grandma and grandpa, can join the kids in some good old-fashioned fun in the great outdoors - featuring some modern engineering and sky-high excitement.  

Many families enjoy this Friday holiday together, and both WOW PARK Skjern and WOW PARK Billund are perfect places for spending time together outside, having a lot of playful fun in the trees, and enjoying a big meal together inside in the food court or at the grill and picnic area. Dogs are also welcome.

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WOW PARK Hovedkontor: Havremarken 15, 7190 Billund 
CVR: 40777628
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