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Physical play and fantasy adventure for the whole family

In the treetops, on the forest floor, in the water and even underground 


"Great park. At lot of fun and very good experience with kids. It´s also good for adults, picnic and relaxing. I recommend!".


Birthday party at WOW PARK
- from only DKK 99 per person.

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The parks

Enjoy an active one-of-a-kind adventure in both of our WOW PARKs

The parks

Enjoy an active one-of-a-kind adventure in both of our WOW PARKs

Food and drinks

The food is part of the fun 

Recharge, refresh, or just hang out in our cozy cafe, or fun family-friendly restaurant, or at our lovely picnic areas featuring several grills and campfires where you can roast your own meals from home.   Indoor and outdoor spaces are available in both parks. 

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WOW PARK Billund


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Woah! An entire amusement with no electric rides and the kids really have to use their bodies.  It was so cool.  We are definitely ready for another day in the park -- really well done.  We are looking forward to another trip.

Brian Allerslev

Value #4

Play is the goal, pure and simple.

Play is the goal, in and of itself.  In play, we grow and learn -- and at WOW PARK, we celebrate play because of its power to stimulate creativity, curiosity and community.  We value physical play and imaginative adventure in the great outdoors -- ensuring that we never lose our childhood joy and passion. .

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