Annual pass for two parks and lots of additional advantages

With your annual pass, you have access to BOTH parks, and you can come and go as you please to the wildest play- and amusement park in the forest. 

You will also get lots of other advantages, both discounts in WOW PARK and discounts when you want to visit other amusement parks.

You can also upgrade your day ticket to an annual pass before you leave the park. 

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Save lots of money with an annual pass

Buy an annual pass to WOW PARK

Besides gaining access to two parks, for an entire year, you can already save money on your second visit. 

You will also be receiving lots of good discounts to other parks, hotels, and on select merchandise at the WOW PARK.  

The price of an WOW PARK annual pass is only 399 DKK.

How to buy an annual pass:

Click on our webshop and buy the annual pass. You can also buy a gift card to an annual pass and give it as a gift to someone else.

Discounts to other parks and hotels

Buy annual pass

Discounts with our  partners cannot be combined with other discounts and offers. Pertaining season 2022. Unless otherwise noted, entry tickets are bought at the door.

Always remember to bring your WOW PARK year pass, as proof upon arrival. 

Discounts in WOW PARK (Skjern og Billund)

Popcorn: 25%

Twisty bread: 25%

S'mores: 25%

Coffee, tea and hot chocolate: 25%

Sluch Ice: 25%

Grandma´s pigs in a blanket: 25%

WOW PARK caps: 20%

WOW PARK mugs: 20%

WOW PARK t-shirts: 20%

WOW PARK keychains: 20%

WOW PARK magnets: 20%

WOW PARK pens: 20%

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Wild play on the treetops

Lots of play and excitement for the entire Family

Here you can run between the tree top houses on suspension bridges as high as 14 meters. You can jump and play with giant balls in our gigantic net i the trees. You can challenge your mom or dad in the huge slings. When you nned to come down again, take a huge slide or one of the wild zip lines. 

Good to know, before you visit the parks

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Everything you can experience in WOW PARK

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Getting here

Finding your way to the park - and to the free parking

See directions, WOW PARK Skjern

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Opening hours and events

See when the parks are open 

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WOW PARK Hovedkontor: Havremarken 15, 7190 Billund 
CVR: 40777628
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