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Yes! WOW PARK is for everyone ages 2-102.  Just follow our posts, reviews and reports online to see how many adults have reconnected with their own inner children at the park (Facebook, TripAdvsor, Google+, etc.). Play is healthy and necessary for all of us. 

Yes, absolutely! Dogs are welcome in the park, but please remenber a leash, a food bowl and some pick-up baggies.

WOW PARK is open from 10:00 - 17:00 on opening days, and it's very easy to spend 4-5 hours in the park, especially with places to eat and relax in between all the fun climbing, swinging, running, jumping, splashing and crawling.


Yes, if your group has 20 people or more. Write to us to learn more and to make arrangements... [email protected] 

No, not on a regular basis at this time.  But groups can arrange evening events in the park at an extra cost.

Yes, in WOW PARK Skjern there is a shelter for 25 people, but for bigger groups, other arrangements can be made.  There are no overnight options in WOW PARK Billund at this time.   Contact us to learn more...

[email protected] 

Yes, WOW PARK develops and hosts camp experiences for large groups, so if you are interested in learning more, please contact us at...

[email protected]


Yes, this is possible in WOW PARK Skjern, where the main building is available for up to 100 people.

Yes, just contact us at [email protected] and we can arrange a time.


Yes, there is a lot of shelter in both parks -- from the wind, rain, and even the sun.  There are hundreds of trees and several indoor spaces available.  The cafe in WOW PARK Skjern has room for up to 250 guests, and at the food court in WOW PARK Billund, there is room for 140 guests.  But please remember to bring the proper clothes for the day and season.

Yes, but only for groups of 20 or more people. 



Yes, you are very welcome to bring your own food from home into the park, either ready-to-eat or ready-to-grill!

Both yes and no.  The grill and campfire areas are supported with some tools and firewood, but they are mostly the responsibiloty of the guests to start and manage. Please ask a Park Guide for assistance or further information, as needed.

(At Season 2020, we do not currently grant access to barbecue loans due to the COVID-19 situation).



We provide tongs and pans (with tops for popcorn).

(At Season 2020, we do not currently grant access to barbecue loans due to the COVID-19 situation).

Yes, we will always make sure that firewood is available.

No, but we have a lot of room for guests to enjoy their meals, both inside and outside.  

In WOW PARK Skjern, there is free access to a utility room with a steel table, sink and microwave.

The main building is also availale for rent, with room for over 100 people.  Write to us to learn more... [email protected]

WOW PARK Skjern is entirely fenced in and the activities are distributed over approx. 4 hectares of forest and open park areas (roughly 5-6 football fields). During the high season, the park has daily visits of 300 to 1000 guests. The old courtyard, which used to be an orphanage, houses the entrance, café, indoor common rooms and toilets. Party rooms and an industrial kitchen can be found in the main building, which you can rent for private events and meetings.

WOW PARK Billund is even bigger, about the size of 40 football fields (also surrounded by a perimeter fence).  

Yes, definitely. There have been many wheelchairs and other support vehicles on the property since the opening of WOW PARK Skjern. But there is no paved surface in the park, as it is a natural environment with grass, gravel, and dirt paths.  

We also have an entrance where wheelchair users can enter. Please ask on arrival and we will guide you to the right place.

We have an accesible toilet with supports on both sides, reaching down to the floor. The door width of the toilet is 116 cm.

Similar facilities are also available in WOW PARK Billund.  Please contact us with any questions...

[email protected] 

You can buy sandwiches, cookies, sausages, bread and organic ice cream. You can also buy popcorn kernsels and dough for roasting twisty bread dough at one of our campfire sites. You can also buy different beverages like coffee, latte, espresso and cappuccino, organic juice, soda and many other refreshing drinks.

Yes, please present your official assistant identification card at the entrance to gain free access for the assistant.  


Yes, all kids under 16 must have an adult with them upon entering the park. 

Tickets can be purchased online via our web shop or also at the park entrance.  

There is no maximum individal weight limit for activities in WOW PARK, but several of the elements limit the number of people at one time.  

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