Active holiday with children

Activities during the Autumn holiday 

Activities for children during the Autumn holiday 

Are you ready for an autumn holiday full of children's activities? Join us for Week 42, when you can take time off to relax together with friends and family.  

Crawl like spiders – and huddle around the holiday bonfires. 

If you’re in southern or western Jutland, and looking for a fun, active, and unique autumn holiday, then WOW PARK is the place for you. WOW PARK Skjern (located near Ringkøbing Fjord) and WOW PARK Billund both offer an ideal family adventure with lots of outdoor activities.

Autumn holiday fun in the great outdoors

Choose WOW PARK this October and make the most of your family holiday.

Run through the treetops, explore the cabins in the canopy, and jump down giant slides all the way to the forest floor.  There’s something fun for everyone from age 2 to 102, with exciting challenges for children, parents, and grandparents.  Test your wits in the maze and try to keep your balance in the gigantic nets full of huge bouncy balls.  Enjoy the wildest swings in the woods, zooming up, down, and all around.  We are sure you will have a terrific visit with your family and friends.  And we look forward to seeing you at WOW PARK this autumn holiday. 

Seeya there! 

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Good reasons to visit WOW PARK during the Autumn holiday

  • check Enjoy fun experiences for the whole family
  • check For everyone ages 2-102! 
  • check Challenge yourself and test your boundaries in a fun and safe way

We were there with 3 boys, ages 5 and 8, and we had a fantastic day.  There were tons of activities for everyone, and the boys had a super fun day." 

Jane Wang Olesen


Activities for everyone

Climb up, slide down or swing around 

Challenge yourself in the great outdoors. Run through the treetops across suspension bridges up to 14 meters high and swing from the branches on Giant ropes.  You can even explore underground or hang out in hammocks around the picnic area.

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Visitor guide 

Check out our visitor guide for tips on how to enjoy a perfect day at WOW PARK 

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WOW PARK Billund
Havremarken 15, 7190 Billund

See directions and free parking information

Løvstrupvej 1, 6900 Skjern

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Open hours and events

WOW PARK Billund
Monday - Sunday 10.00 - 17.00

See open hours and event calendar

Monday - Sunday 10.00 - 17.00

See open hours and event calendar


Ticket prices 

WOW PARK Billund
Day ticket: from 229 DKK 

Day ticket: from 209 DKK 

Annual pass (with access to both parks): 479 DKK


Bring the whole gang

Visit the park with your friends, family, teammates or co-workers 

Large groups (20+ people) 
Company events 
School group visits

Autumn adventure for the entire family

WOW PARK lies in the middle of a beautiful forest, where guests can enjoy physical play, fantasy adventure, and tons of fun activities in the great outdoors all day long.  

You can run through treetops, slide down giant slides, scurry across the forest floor, explore underground hideouts and even splash in the water.  WOW PARK is fun for everyone from age 2-102. Try new challenges together in the fresh air and create memories for a lifetime.  Dogs are also welcome in the park, but please remember a leash and some doggy bags.


WOW PARK Hovedkontor: Havremarken 15, 7190 Billund 
CVR: 40777628
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