These are the 8 principles that we live by at WOW PARK

Less carbon, more heart

We limit our carbon footprint and maximize health and creativity.  WOW PARK experiences are gravity-powered, with little need for electricity, and we are driven by the need for play, adventure and imagination in the great outdoors.   


Healthy food at a good price

Our highly-varied and low-priced menu provides you with all the right choices during your visit to WOW PARK - healthy, hearty, savory and sweet.


Nature was here first

We always respect the natural world, the origin of our inspiration.  Therefore, we take great care while installing and inspecting our play elements, ensuring that the trees are healthy and strong.  We also take care to preserve the meadow and pond habitats for flowers, insects, salamanders, tadpoles and butterflies.     


Play is the goal, pure and simple.

Play is the goal, in and of itself.  In play, we grow and learn - and at WOW PARK, we celebrate play in order to stimulate creativity, curiosity and community.  We also value physical play and imaginative adventure in the great outdoors - ensuring that we never lose our childhood joy and passion. 



Nature provides the most fantastic setting for play and learning.  Our dream is for all children to experience this."   

Aage Hindhede
Co-founder of WOW PARK

Ambassadors for the future

We aim to bring people closer to nature in a fun and inspirational way, because people are more likely to care for the natural world when they know it and love it.  



Doing our part to limit climate change 

We make conscious choices to minimize our impact on the climate. Our ambition is for the park to absorb more caron than it emits.  Additonally, our cups, boxes and dishes are all made of 100% biological material that will compost naturally.



Turn screen time into family time

In WOW PARK you can easily replace screen time with family time. You'll forget about your phone entirely when running through the treetops, swinging from the branches, or cooking a meal together in the great outdoors. These are experiences that awaken your senses, inspire your imagination and enable you to live in the moment with those friends and family members right there around you.  You can even study a beetle on the forest floor or relax under the open sky -- and you are not dependent on any apps or your GPS.


Making it easy to play and be together

We know what it's like to raise a family - we're in the middle of it ourselves!  Good intentions to make time together, play outside, or even do something new can take a backseat to the regular rigors of daily family life.  But in WOW PARK, you can do all of these things in just one fun visit, making it so easy to enjoy quality time together that you'll want to return again and again - and you are welcome!


WOW PARK is a breath of fresh air, where all generations can play together in the woods."

Jacob Hindhede
Medstifter i WOW PARK

WOW PARK Hovedkontor: Havremarken 15, 7190 Billund 
CVR: 40777628
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