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Company events in the forest

Book a business trip, a staff event, or a company party in the great outdoors, enjoying super fun adventures with your colleagues.  WOW PARK provides opportunities for teambuilding, group challenges and a variety of games and competitions which are sure to entertain and educate all participants.

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Event packages 

We host and arrange various company experiences in both WOW PARK Skjern and WOW PARK Billund.


Event pkg 1: 150 DKK 

Event pkg 1: 175 DKK 

Event pkg 2: 525 DKK

Event pkg 2: 599 DKK 

Play coaches add even more fun

Book a play coach and make your next WOW PARK visit even more fun.  Our play coaches facilitate special challenges, games and competitions for groups eager for bonus adventures and additional teambuilding activities.

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Event packages


Event package 1:

  • check Free entry to the entire park
  • check Drinks: one beer, water, or juice per participant 

Your group is also welcome to use our grill and campfire area to prepare and enjoy your own meals, or you can purchase sandwiches, drinks, snacks and ice cream in the park.   

Price/person: DKK 150  

Event package 2:

  • check Free entry to the entire park
  • check Facilitated program with a Play Coach for 90 minutes featuring special group activities and teambuilding adventures such as a labrynth contest, swing competition, balance beam challenge, and more.
  • check Tasty food and drinks. Upon arrival, your group is welcomed with a cookie and coffee or tea.  Later on, you have a choice between purchasing a tapas menu from the Park (including water, juice, or beer) or grilling your own food together at the picnic area. And at the end of the day, each participant is offered a free dessert with a cup of coffee or tea.

Price/person: DKK 525  

Min. 15 people

Event packages

WOW PARK Billund

Event package 1:

  • check Free entry to the entire park
  • check Drinks: A choice of a water or juice per person

Your group is also welcome to use our campfire area to prepare and enjoy your own meals, or you can purchase sandwiches, drinks, snacks and ice cream at Madladen, our food court in the park.   

Price/person: DKK 175  

Event package 2:

  • check Free entry to the entire park
  • check Facilitated program for 90 minutes featuring special group activities, challenges or teambuilding adventures.
  • check Tasty food and drinks. Upon arrival, each guest gets a choice of coffee, water, tea and a piece of chocolate. Later, your group chooses between 2 different menu options (same menu for the entire group).

1) Lumberjack platter

The lumberjack slatter is a good choice when you have to choose an easy, hearty, and authentic meal to be enjoyed outside or inside. The lumberjack platter consists of small potatoes, slow-roasted braised beef, and slow-roasted BBQ turkey - and always with a side of coleslaw and a light green salad. Comes with a soda or juice.

2) Beef Brisket Burger.

Tasty brisket burger in a delicious brioche bun served with fresh tomato, pickled red onion, mayo, friend potatoes, and a salad. Here, you also get your choice of a soda or a juice.

To round off each menu option above, every member of your group gets a piece of dessert cake with coffee or tea.

Price/person: DKK 599  

Min. 15 people

Unique program with fun, new challenges

Business groups are welcome at the park, so bring along your colleagues and enjoy a full day of physical play and wild fun together.  We can guarantee a memorable teambuilding experience, specialized just for your group -- and you'll be smiling about it at the workplace many weeks later.

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Why book a group trip to WOW PARK?

Activities for everyone from age 2 to 102


Try new challenges and test boundaries together in the great outdoors


Hang out around some of our many grills and campfires


Have a blast together in the middle of the forest


Let us take care of everything from catering to overnighting 


A fantastic experience! Wonderful guided tour with Aage, one of the park's founders, and super fun storytelling and play coaching.  Excellent food, too, with plenty of time for free play - an awesome day all around, leaving everyone very satisfed and smiling. 

Annette Ansberg, Birk TeQ A/S

A different type of business adventure

It's up to you and your colleagues if you'd like to come to WOW PARK during the weekday, weekend or perhaps for an evening.  And your visit need not be limited to colleagues because there is room for everyone, including your families, too.  It's up to you! 

Arrange a business group trip to WOW PARK

Good business outings are good for business

It is important that co-workers feel happy, inspired and challenged.  And this is why WOW PARK is a perfect place for your staff to experience something new and fun - as well as a healthy change of scenery where the gang can socialize and laugh with each other.  We provide opportunities for physical play and for just hanging around in the great outdoors.

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Get the park all to yourselves

Contact us about booking the entire park, complete with fantastic experiences and excelleting catering options, inside and outside.  

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