From the kids' backyard

The big idea

Can we recreate childhood memories?

The WOW PARK concept is a creation by two brothers, Jacob and Aage Hindhede, who relate this story... “We were kids on the farm out in western Jutland, where we grew up playing outdoors and swinging among the trees.  It was this spirit of playfulness that inspired us to start WOW PARK. We wished to build and share a stronger connection with nature and to invite both children and adults to play together in the forest.”

The first park

From a farmhouse to a children's home to an amazing new play park 

The first park was built on a farm property called Løvstrupgaard, which functioned as a chilren's home from 1899 – 1973.  During this time, buildings were renovated and many more trees were planted, resulting in a lush, deciduous old-growth forest that is quite rare in Denmark. 

This made the property a perfect place to build the first WOW PARK, where we were thrilled to fill the forest with children's laughter once again.


At WOW PARK, we create an entire universe for physical play and adventurous learning in the middle of the woods.  Adrenalin and imagination run hand-in-hand here." 

Aage Hindhede
Co-founder of WOW PARK

The brothers go big

A huge new park in the "Capital of Children"

WOW PARK Billund opened in June 2020. Over an expansive natural area, we have planted more than 7000 new trees, moved 40,000 cubic meters of soil and  mounted more than one hundred play elements in the treetops, along the forest floor, and even underground. The area is larger than 40 football fields. The park also features an ice cream bar, a gift shop, and a beautyful, family-friendly food court.

WOW PARK Skjern inspired much of our work in Billund, where we have stretched our dreams even further.  While each place has similar fun features, the parks have their own special atmospheres - so be sure to get a season pass and visit both WOW PARKs as much as you wish.


We're looking forward to unleashing everyone's playfulness. We've seen countless transformations of people who thought they were too old to play, who suddenly are the ones laughing the most."

Jacob Hindhede
Co-founder of WOW PARK

WOW PARK Hovedkontor: Havremarken 15, 7190 Billund 
CVR: 40777628
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